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Social Shares

Accumulating shares is about more than just liking and reposting what your contacts are posting about, or occasionally posting a funny and relatable image. Studies show that relevant and quality content accumulates the most shares, such as topical articles, long form blog posts, industry related news, and other images, videos and infographics relevant to your industry.

Profile Optimization

Building a social media profile is something that even celebrities and powerhouse social media users have trouble with, let alone large businesses and corporations. In a world where trends change on the daily, and memes hold more relevance than references, it can be impossible to know what matters and what doesn’t. That’s why we take this stress off your hands, by identifying long term strategies that will optimize your social media profiles by boosting their social effectiveness. We start from the ground up, and build everything from your page titles, to specific blog posts, to keyword rich descriptions and page posts, to relevant and optimized tags and custom tabs, and even take a look at your inbound and outbound links, company branding, and overall platform functionality.

Social Contests

Nothing gets people liking and sharing more than the prospect of winning something, and if they have to compete with other people, the stakes are raised even higher. Running social media campaigns can aid your business with brand awareness and consumer engagement. By simply setting concrete goals, developing custom graphics that speak to your audience, and measuring contest performance and promotion, we can help your social media contest reach a broader audience, with greater results.

Audience Growth

Growing your business and brand begins with growing your follower audience, and social media marketing is the best way to do that. The greater your social media following, the more reputability your business has in the eyes of the public. We use targeting options specifically refined to find you new fans and followers with an interest in your products and services.


Your competitors are the primary source for identifying which techniques work and which don’t. Based on our findings of how your competitors are performing in brand awareness, we can improve your social media campaign to function as a sales and lead acquisition tool for your business.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social advertising isn’t just about boosting your popularity; it also has to do with driving business growth, generating more contact sheets, promoting relevant content, and creating a brand image and name. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can all effectively be used to achieve this purpose, by engaging in constant testing of advertisements to identify which perform best, and which can be improved on. Our experience with building advertisements for multiple search engines helps us bring you the best results, all at an affordable cost.

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Facebook Ads

By far the most popular platform, Facebook has become more and more dominated by paid advertising in recent years. This is due partly to a change in the algorithm for organic ranking, but also because Facebook has such a large and diverse user base. We’ll work with you to create paid advertisements that are crafted for your business’s needs, acquiring likes and shares through promoted posts, conversion ads, remarketing, and like campaigns.

Twitter Ads

Twitter has developed an intelligent advertising platform capable of delivering audience-targeted promoted tweets and campaigns. These can be used to link users to your website, to build brand awareness, and to simply generate a Twitter following, which can then be used to speak to your audience.

LinkedIn Ads

Although initially meant as a Facebook style connection tool for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn has developed its platform to allow for content posting and advertising, including paid targeted ads. We can turn your LinkedIn from a placeholder to an audience outreach tool, by implementing and managing ad campaigns and sponsored posts with the right content.

Multivariate Testing

It can be difficult to pick out the best possible ad image and copy combinations when creating an ad, which is why we test these metrics to identify which ads have the best performance and deliver most on ROI.

Ad Campaign Integration

Whether you’re running your PPC campaigns with us or on your own, it always helps to have all your paid advertising integrated in one place. That’s why we integrate your paid social media advertising with your other PPC campaigns, thus producing a power-driven and multifaceted campaign meant to accomplish your marketing goals.

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Unique Content

In social media, content refers to the posts that go out on your social media pages, and these can consist of written content, images, infographics, or even videos. This content should be built around the brand that your audience wants, and should be educational, informative, relevant, and most of all, actionable. The social media content that we distribute on your channels will share all these qualities, with relevant images and your business logo prominently displayed on it.

Customer Interaction

When consumers show interest in your products or business on social media, the sale is nowhere near to being secured. In order to ensure that interest turns into action, we will engage potential buyers on your social media channels, in the form of likes, retweets, comments, and shares. Apart from that, we will also engage in authentic conversations with your followers on a regular basis, so that not a single lead is lost.

Follower Base

The goal of any social media user is to build the highest following possible, which can then be used for lead acquisition and brand development. We build your following organically, by using hashtags, liking relevant posts, following those who show an interest in your business, and posting regularly so your business can be noticed. This can lead to a follower increase of up to several hundred a month, across all social media platforms. Paid advertising will also play a part in increasing your follower base, as it greatly increases the likelihood of consumers noticing your business.

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Samples of our success

SEO testimonial for Rush Ventures by the Gadget Guides

"The folks from Rush Ventures made us feel like we were listened to. They committed to sales goals before starting and delivered in spades. They helped us succeed online and they can help you too!"

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"After running marketing campaigns with no success, I decided to call the team at Rush Ventures. The resulting increase in leads has had a strong impact on my businesses bottom line, I can't thank them enough."

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"After 2 bad experiences working with other companies I invited Rush Ventures. Their approach was different. Their work has also had a solid impact on my bookings. If you're working with another company and looking for a second opinion, then give these guys a call!"

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