Keyword Research and Targeting

Rush Ventures knows how to choose the right keywords to get you the right type of targeted traffic. We use comprehensive keyword research strategies, industry-leading analytical tools, and careful persona assessment.

Keyword and topic accuracy are the cornerstone of every digital marketing strategy. Keywords can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful search marketing effort. Not to mention that ranking for the right keywords in search engine results pages is key to producing traffic and converting that traffic. At the end of the day your company simply cannot afford to make keyword targeting mistakes.

Well executed, keyword research is the most valuable marketing activity, producing an incredibly high ROI. Rush Ventures knows the path to choosing and executing on the right keywords. Our secret to effective keyword research and targeting methods is the right blend of high level analysis and creativity, as well as a deep understanding of your audience. Our team will work with you to discover the right phrases and topics to attract the right clients, improving your overall digital marketing efforts.

Keyword Success

A common client question, "How do you know which keywords will be most effective for my brand?" Well, it all comes down to user engagement and user intent. Chiefly, the right keyword phrases will help you to better engage with your target audience. In plain language, it tells your target consumers that they will find what they are looking for on your website. That means more traffic, increase website engagement, and improved conversion rates.

How does Rush Ventures discover keyword phrases that perform successfully? In finding the right keyword mix, our experts consider the following:

Company Name Terms - Brand terms are related to your brand name. An example might include various spellings and misspellings of your organization. Branded terms produce the best ROI as they are used by potential clients already familiar with your brand.

Products and Services -Product and service phrases revolve around your product offering and problems it solves. Additionally, Rush Ventures will also consider related product and service terms, which cover products that compliment or accompany your brand's products and services.

Audience Terms - These are the identified and specific terms your audience will likely use to search for your service or product. Audience terms are key, as they represent the search queries used by your target audience to find your product or service.

Long-Tail vs. Short-Tail Searches

The team at Rush Ventures will analyze both long-tail and short-tail searches to identify the keywords and keyword phrases that are most relevant to your company. What's the difference between Long-Tail and Short-Tail keyword phrases? Long-tail searches relate directly to natural language queries. These are the hundreds of thousands of unique searches that include many different unique combinations of many different words. That means that while many different users will generate the same short-tail search, identical long-tail searches are. Short-tail searches on the other hand are search queries that consist of between one keyword to four keywords. Long-tail searches require more effort and more content in order to compete. However, they do make up close to seven out of ten searches, which means they are critical to the overall success of your campaign.

The SEO experts at Rush Ventures have experience analyzing and choosing the right long-tail phrases for your success.

Your free proposal will include

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  • Industry trends

Marketing recommendations

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Marketing strategy

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