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In order to run a PPC advertising campaign, you need to be using a platform built exactly for it, and that platform is Google AdWords. Google’s platform is by and far the most widely used platform for PPC in the world, and Google itself is the biggest search engine as well. Using Google AdWords gives you access to both these spaces, exposing your business to millions of users worldwide. Google doesn’t just happen to be so widely used; it’s used by so many people because it has tons of features that are desirable, and which help both businesses and users alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the best AdWords features, and how they can help you.

AdWords doesn’t force you to cap the budget on your marketing campaign, because Google understands that at any point, you may find the need to increase it. When a marketing campaign goes well, and you see your conversions steadily rising, you may decide to begin investing more into the campaign, to continue growing the conversion rate. If the budget was capped, you’d have to start a new campaign, forcing you to do twice the work. This way you can increase your budget with the click of a few buttons. Combine that with their metrics testing, and you can change your campaign when you need it the most.

Speaking of testing, AdWords gives you a huge number of tools that allow you to measure the success of your campaign. These metrics can show you what’s working, and what isn’t. Because consistent testing is a fundamental part of any successful ad campaign, using these tools to the maximum is in your best interest. These tools can show you conversion rates, click through rates, user demographics, and so on. The more data that you have at your disposal, the easier that it is to build your ads to appeal to a wider audience.

Once you can pinpoint who your audience is, what they like, and what their viewing and buying habits are, you can begin to customize your ad to suit these needs. AdWords allows you to target your audience with keywords, based on their language and location, whether they’re viewing from a mobile or desktop device, what hours they’re searching in, and even through their past Google search history. It’s this small attention to details that makes AdWords such a powerful platform, as it aggregates all the necessary information into once convenient place. AdWords integrations into Google network of services also makes it the most versatile PPC platform, letting you advertise on Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and so on.

Also, AdWords is relatively inexpensive to begin with, because it puts the cost in your hands. You get to control the budget, along with how much is bid per keyword, how much is spent per day, and what the overall price of the campaign is. Google also tends to offer discounts for beginners, making the piece of setting up your first campaign that much lower. This means that you can get started on Google AdWords, learn the basic of PPC advertising, and then choose whether to increase your campaign budget, or even whether to expand to other PPC platforms.

But the biggest benefit that Google AdWords has, is that it works, and it works well. When you commit to using AdWords, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is not going to waste, and that if you followed all the necessary steps, you’re bound to see results. In fact, you may even see better results with PPC than with SEO, since they’re displayed higher up in the search results. Consumers are becoming more and more likely to actually click on a PPC ad rather than on an organic search, and that all goes back to Google being a reliable platform.

The many tools that AdWords offers are meant to be compatible with any type of advertising that you may do. Whether you later decide to invest in SEO, remarketing, or even banner ads, AdWords has portals to help you do that, which can connect them with your PPC ads. By collecting cookies from users who visit your website, you can display your ads to them regardless of where they go on the web, assuming that those places are compliant with Google AdWords (which more and more websites now are).

Near every business is starting to use Google AdWords, as it’s proving to be an extremely powerful platform for getting ahead in online marketing. If you’re skeptical about signing on, remember that your competitors are probably already using AdWords, and that consumers are seeing their ads and not yours. To stay ahead in the world of online marketing, you have no choice but to start using AdWords.

With so many tools and choices at your disposal, it makes no sense not to use AdWords. So get started now, and start growing your business in the best way that you can-with a reliable platform that almost guarantees results.

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