Do Internet Ads Work, and are They Worth the Money?

Despite the ad viewing patterns that many people have, internet ads are not-surprisingly very effective, and can generate lots of clicks from curious consumers. Because Google is the most widely used search engine available on the market, Google AdWords get the most clicks of any search engine.

The ads on which people click, and the patterns with which they do so are best measured through Google Analytics, as the answer may change from industry to industry. According to Google, when a consumer is looking to purchase an item, they are twice as likely to do so through pay-per-click advertising as they are through basic Google Search.

PPC is ideal for those people who are ranking lower in the organic search results, for whom SEO just isn’t working. But because SEO is so difficult to do, and especially so difficult to do through verified Google methods, many users find themselves stuck at the fourth or fifth spots for the entirety of their SEO campaigns. This is why such a huge number of people turn to PPC advertising to really boost their businesses to the next level.

The cost of PPC advertising is determined wholly by the popularity of the platform, and the quality score of your business. A platform such as Google AdWords will be more expensive than Bing or Facebook, due to the sheer number of users using it so often.

The average price that businesses pay per click, is usually anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars, with the more popular keywords going up in price. Before you excite yourself at how cheap this all sounds, keep in mind that the goal is to get as many clicks as possible. If you’re aiming to have roughly one thousand clicks throughout the month, that already puts your cost up to five thousand dollars!

So how can you resolve this problem without breaking the bank?

Well, some business owners choose to bid on keywords that are searched less often, and are consequentially much cheaper. This can be effective if you’re able to secure a large number of such keywords, but can otherwise prove to be a fruitless endeavor. If words are searched less often, they may do little to increase your businesses visibility.

Another great way to lower the cost of your PPC advertising is to improve the quality score of your website as a whole, which can usually be done with the help of a dedicated PPC advertising agency. The quality score of a website is directly tied to its optimization, design, and visibility, and as this score goes up, the cost that you have to pay for keywords goes down significantly. Obviously, improving the quality score can have other positive effects on your website, such as boosting its views in the organic results, and making it easier to engage in other marketing formats.

For those who still find the pricing of Google AdWords to be out of their price range, there are alternatives that exist in the form of other search engines and platforms, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. While these sources generate significantly less traffic that Google, they can still lead to high quality leads and conversions, which come at a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords.

What’s great about PPC advertising, is that it gives you the ability to set a daily budget, ensuring that your total spending won’t exceed whatever limits you have planned. Some businesses allocate a budget of as low as 100 dollars per month, while others will spend several thousands in the course of a day. The more spending that you invest into the campaign more day, the likelier you are to have clicks which lead back to your website.

This budget is also not something that has to be predetermined for the coming weeks or months. If your campaign is going well, and increasing your budget would result in greater conversion rates, go ahead and raise that daily limit! Google AdWords, and other PPC tools are very flexible in terms of the changes that they allow for spending, giving you the opportunity to constantly reevaluate the success of your campaign.

Finally, it’s extremely important to track conversion rates and where your clicks originate from. With the rise of phishing bots, invalid clicks are a serious concern, and can have a damaging financial effect on your campaign. Make sure to constantly monitor the campaign, and make changes whenever necessary.

PPC advertising works, and the conversion rates speak for themselves. Because it’s directly based on how much you invest into it, PPC is the kind of advertising that will always work for you as long as you take the time to customize it to your needs.

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