Call Tracking for your PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click campaigns already have quite a few features that you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising, but this new feature is becoming all the rage recently. Call tracking is a pretty new feature, and because of that, very few users are implementing it properly, or at all. This means that businesses across the world aren’t tracking where their calls are coming from, stopping them from doubling down on the venues that work. This can cause your campaign to suffer, and won’t get you the maximum return on your investment.
When a consumers visits your website and then calls you, it’s in your best interest to find out how they know about your business, so that you can verify the effectiveness of your campaign. Using call tracking metrics can give you a better picture of how your campaign is performing, and will give you the highest possible ROI.

So what are the biggest mistakes that businesses make when neglecting or misusing call tracking? Let’s take a look at some things that are easy to fix, and will result in huge conversion rates at the end of the day.

1. Using call tracking without a method for tracking the results. This is perhaps the worst thing you can do when using call tracing, because it makes the very act itself meaningless. Call tracking software tools can be expensive, and require an investment on your end. If you’re not going to log the inbound calls and follow up on leads, that’s all money down the drain. Think of it like email or social media marketing. The point is to follow through with the software till the end.

2. Only tracking certain calls. Some businesses feel the need to track calls only from certain web pages, and that means tracking the results from every web page. If they called after only checking your landing page, that’s something you should now. Or, if they also checked our products and services page, that could aid you in converting the lead into a sale. Having all this information can work wonders for your conversion rates.

3. Running click to call ads at times when you can’t answer calls. If someone visits your webpage and calls you, the last thing that you want is for no one to answer that call. This means that you need to have enough people to answer calls, and you should only be running these ads during operating hours, to ensure that not a single call is missed. Sending calls to voicemail is just as bad, because consumers may be unwilling to deal with your business at a later point. Pay per click campaigns will let you automate the times at which they run, letting you control who sees them and when.

4. Improperly measuring your conversions. Any business needs to know its conversion success rate, and that means identifying which calls are resulting in sales, and which aren’t. This can help you figure out just how much each click is worth, and how much each call is worth. This is all information that will help you in the long run and measuring the success of your business. This information can also help you determine the average sale value, since understanding this will help you plot a real dollar amount for every phone call.

5. These ads can let you choose not only when they’re shown, but also where they’re shown. If you don’t want to damage your organic SEO, these ads should be displayed on ‘regular’ websites. Not online directories or business listings, as this can result in fines for your organic SEO.

6. Not every call will lead to a conversion, and it’s your job to change that, as well as properly track it. Some consumers may call for more information, others may call to make complaints, while some calls will be from existing customers. If you treat every single call as a conversion, you can find that your metrics are off, stopping you from investing optimally.

Having the right strategy for call tracking is more than half the battle of finding success with it. Because so few business’s use call tracking tools effectively, this is a relatively untapped feature that can lead to greatly increased conversion rates, assuming that you have a system which can accommodate for it. Google and Bing both have detailed guides on how to best use call tracking features, so that you can use this tool to push your business above the rest.

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