Call Extensions for Google AdWords

Just because modern consumers are so heavily focused on social media and mobile communication, doesn’t mean that there’s no room for call extensions in your AdWords management campaign. For this businesses which are service based, phone calls might be the primary way in which you interact with your consumers, strengthening your need for call simplicity.
Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to have consumers call you directly by simply clicking on an ad, increasing the amount of calls that come into your business, and consequentially raising your conversion rate. However, there are certain ways to make these call extensions work more effectively, and here’s a few of them:

1. Don’t overload the ad with text content. The rule of thumb is short and sweet, which goes hand in hand with Google’s character limit of 25. That means you have around one to two sentences to work with, so keep them clear and to the point.

2. Use some sort of Call Tracking service, or for a cheaper alternative, get yourself a Google forwarding number. Tracking where your calls come from gives you access to tons of data, such as who’s clicking your ads, how the ads are converting, and whether the call extension is effective altogether.

3. Make sure to optimize your ads for the platform on which they’ll appear. Mobile call extensions would look and operate very differently than tablet call extensions, or than pc call extensions.

4. Don’t drop all your funding into a call extension, without doing any testing first. Call extensions, and Google AdWords as a whole require tons of optimization before you get them right, so make sure to factor that into the process.

5. If you have a physical storefront, consider using location extensions in addition to call extensions. This can be an excellent way to reach out to local consumers, and gives you the opportunity to link your Google AdWords and Google Places profiles into one, so that your local ratings will show up right next to the location extensions in your ads.

6. Enter in any details relevant to your business, whether you’re running just a call extensions, a local extension, or both. This information makes it easier for Google to categorize and display your ad, ensuring that more consumers will be able to find and contact you.

Call extensions in AdWords aren’t just a supplementary feature that you can add on at a whim. They’re a beneficial function of AdWords that can help your business improve its conversions and acquire more customers.
AdWords management gives you the ability to specify at which days and times you want your call extension ads to be displayed, which can be helpful if you’re not standing by 24/7 to answer these calls. You want calls to be coming in at business hours only, so that you can utilize them to their full advantage.
You can also collect something which is called phone impressions, which shows you how many times your phone number appeared on devices that can’t make phone calls, such as computers or tablets. Because these devices don’t deliver on the functionality of call extensions, this can be seen as wasted funding. This will also help you figure out exactly how many calls are made to the call forwarding number, and what your phone-through rate is.
Google AdWords also features intensive call conversion tracking, which gives you access to tools such as Conversion Optimizer, ROAS bidding, Enhanced CPC bidding, and so on. Google AdWords will also show you which ads are generating clicks, and what keywords are being used to for these searches most often.

Call extensions can be a great asset to use for your business, but without the right strategies in place to measure their success, you may find that they aren’t delivering on the functionality as much as they could. By consistently measuring how effective your Ads are, you’ll be able to see what is and what isn’t working, allowing you to tweak them just the right amount. Through Google AdWords management, you’ll be able to make the right decisions for your business, that will lead to growth and improvement.

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