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The right PPC strategy can take a long time to perfect. Other companies will waste your time by adopting strategy after strategy. Rush Ventures is different. We’ve tested every possible strategy on our own time to develop the perfect tools to strengthen your PPC campaign. We know what works and what doesn’t. Put our direct hands-on experience to work for you!


If your PPC campaign isn’t making money for you, you’re not only losing money on your incurred expenses, but you’re also losing thousands of potential dollars that you could be earning on a regular basis. At Rush Ventures, we don’t just save you money in direct costs. We also help you tap into the money that we know your business is capable of making. Don’t lose out on what you know you can have! Contact us to see what we can do for you.


If you’re getting traffic but you’re not getting customers, there’s a problem with your website. Our team of professional developers can evaluate your site to determine what barriers it faces, then we’ll work to give your site what it needs to succeed. Your improved website will be admired by customers, and you’ll love it, too. Rush Ventures will work to get you more customers for the same amount of money, because resources invested in your business should result in profits.


Everyone wants to get more for their money, and Rush Ventures makes that possible. By utilizing our tested PPC marketing strategy, we can help you make more for the same amount that you’re already spending. Our services are competitively priced, and the heavy return that you will receive from your spending will make you wonder why you hadn’t called Rush Ventures earlier!


Every hour, potential customers are searching online for your services. But without a well-designed website, you’ll be unable to secure them as customers. We know what it takes to bring new customers to your business, and our expertise in customer satisfaction will keep those customers happy. Allow us to do the same for you. With our PPC campaign strategy, you’ll see an increase in customers quickly.


Who could be better suited to establish a marketing campaign in Hamilton than an online marketing company who resides here? Our team has been living and working in Hamilton for years, and the connections we’ve made along the way allow us to capture the growing Hamilton market. None of our work is outsourced overseas, because people from other countries don’t understand what makes the Hamilton area unique. Our door is always open to you, so please stop by and meet the lovely team who is hard at work on your PPC campaign!

Paid Search Marketing

Designing a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy is not easy work, especially when implementing something as critical as paid search marketing. The competition at this level is drastically high, as you’re competing for consumers that have already decided that they want the type of product or service you’re offering.

By bidding on keywords related to your business field, you have the chance to get your advertising in front of consumers, only paying when your ads are clicked on. A powerful paid search marketing campaign can greatly improve your conversion rates, while a poor one will cost you time and money down the drain.

The trademark of a powerful campaign is constant overlook and optimization, in order to ensure satisfactory results. Our team at Rush Ventures is committed to seeing your campaign through from beginning to end, so that you can enjoy the results you’re looking for.

Why waste time on companies and campaigns that get you nowhere?

Rush Ventures always goes the distance.

The Secret to Our Success

When we say that our team will follow your campaign through to the end, we mean it. But more than that, our team will craft a powerful strategy for your business, engineered to achieve results.

We begin by looking at your consumer audience, and figuring out exactly what their needs are. Our team then crafts a message which remains consistent across all your advertising, by combining the right keywords, advertising content, and customer experience.

But unlike most companies, our work doesn’t end there. We spend the remainder of your campaign analyzing the results and improving every aspect that isn’t operating efficiently. We use this analytical data to understand how we can better serve your advertising needs.

Campaigns run by Rush Ventures are guaranteed to bring you a return on your investment.

Our seven years of intense advertising experience ensure this.

Google Paid Search

By far the most popular advertising and search platform, Google sees billions of searches every single day from around the world.

A huge chunk of the work that we do here at Rush Ventures revolves around search engine optimization, and that’s why we can proudly say that we know search engines, especially Google. Displaying ads on Google’s search page is the biggest way of hitting a wide consumer group, and is generally the fastest way of bringing consumers to your business.

Running a paid marketing campaign, and not advertising with this search engine giant is akin to burning your money.

So save it, and let us set up your Google marketing campaign.

Bing, Yahoo and Facebook

While Google makes up the bulk of online searches, Bing and Yahoo cater to a much smaller audience. Facebook is also getting in on online search, but has some serious catching up to do.

But we don’t discriminate between search engines, and just because a strong campaign will focus on Google, doesn’t mean we won’t build you a Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook advertising strategy.

Our team has experimented extensively with these platforms, and we’ve learned the different approaches that they require in order to be effective. As part of our paid search marketing campaign, we’ll see this through all the way.

Why Other Campaigns Fail

Unlike the other advertising companies, we put our money where our mouth is. Years of experience in online advertising have showed us how to properly advertise to a diverse crowd, and still achieve success in the end.

We’ve also had the opportunity to watch other companies fail at near every stage of the advertising process, showing us exactly what not to do.


Paid Search Marketing should never be cheap. If it is, you’re probably not going to get the results you’re looking for. This is because of the cost per click, which adds up very quickly.

For this reason, we understand just how important your advertising campaign is. It’s costing you nearly a fortune, and you don’t want a company that doesn’t recognize and appreciate this. When you stick with Rush Ventures, you’ll be glad to know that we’re always conscious of your spending, and try to do the best work for the best price.


When a consumer performs a search, multiple paid ads pop up on the first page of Google. All the other ads are competition, and if you’re not careful, the consumers might turn to them instead.

Our marketing strategies enter around not just your paid advertising, but also about how to overcome the competition. Years of studying different marketing approaches has taught us how to do just that.

Watch our team make your ads stand out.


The problem with most advertising agencies is that they’re not willing to commit the necessary time and effort into building a successful marketing strategy. They’ll simply stick some bits and pieces together on Google AdWords, and call it a day.

That’s simply not acceptable.

Our team dedicates its utmost time and energy to make certain that your campaign succeeds, watching and optimizing it from beginning to end.

It’s not just your campaign that’s on the line, but also our reputation.

Conversion optimizationWe constantly check different variations of landing pages to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.


31% Conversion

Landing Page with increased conversion
High converting landing page example

58% Conversion

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Samples of our success

"The folks from Rush Ventures made us feel like we were listened to. They committed to sales goals before starting and delivered in spades. They helped us succeed online and they can help you too!"

JOHN DAVID Cofounder, The Gadget Guides

"After running marketing campaigns with no success, I decided to call the team at Rush Ventures. The resulting increase in leads has had a strong impact on my businesses bottom line, I can't thank them enough."

SAM GOLDSTEIN Lawyer, Sam Goldstein Law

"After 2 bad experiences working with other companies I invited Rush Ventures. Their approach was different. Their work has also had a solid impact on my bookings. If you're working with another company and looking for a second opinion, then give these guys a call!"

ZACH WILSON Plastic Surgeon, Power Plastic Surgery


Can't I run my own PPC campaigns?

While some people choose to manage their own PPC campaign, those people do lose out on the money that could be made by working with a team that understands how to increase conversions. Most business owners lack the tools and the knowledge needed to run an effective PPC campaign. Learning how to do so can take years of study, plus hands-on training that is critical to success. Unless you are willing to undertake the training process on your own, you’ll want a team of professionals to run a PPC campaign for you.

Have you had past success?

We’ve worked with many companies in a variety of different industries. We know what works and what doesn’t. Please take a look at our Success Stories and Testimonials for real life examples of successful campaigns that we have run in the past. Our customers are happy to speak about the friendly, professional treatment that they were given by our team, and the success of their businesses speaks for itself.

Is Google okay with your techniques?

Without a doubt, every campaign we run is perfectly compliant with Google’s rules regarding pay per click campaigns. Part of every team member’s training at Rush Ventures is devoted to a close look of what different search engines consider proper practice, as well as how to effectively comply with their standards. Whether you’re using Bing, Yahoo search, or Google, you can be assured that our techniques are acceptable by those companies. We also strive to stay up-to-date with the evolution of Google’s search engine, allowing us to be constantly aware of any new developments. When necessary, our techniques are adjusted to comply with these changes.

Where are you located?

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Hamilton, where you are welcome to meet with us. You can also call (289) 274-7672 to reach a real person anytime.

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