Local SEO

Local SEO Marketing

Did you know that New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34 percent of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store? In the new world of business, local search marketing is a critical component of all organic marketing strategies. Algorithm updates like Penguin and Pigeon allow Google and other major search engines to better determine local business metrics. Additionally, digital experts believe that search engines like Google will increasingly prioritize local results over the next few years.

As such, local search marketing is a key component of all Rush Ventures digital marketing programs. By leveraging comprehensive local marketing initiatives and local SEO strategies, the team at Rush Ventures will help you build a mobile search and local search program to drive sales raise CTR, and improve overall rankings.

Multifaceted Approach to Local Search

Local search marketing strategy requires an in depth set of tactics, including business signals, on page signals, review signals, social signals, and social media signals. Rush Ventures is here to help your brand discover the power of local search marketing in order to maximize your ability to rank well locally. Our Search Engine Optimization team have the experience and the expertise to create a website strategy that engages local consumers. Rush Ventures local search marketing uses a strategic approach that includes localized answers to common questions, local content and citation development.

Local Search Marketing Success

Increased local traffic with local keyword research and execution. Local searches are typically easier to rank for than non-local searches as there is less geographic and search result competition overall. Consequently the right localized keywords can make a big impact in your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Rush Ventures understands the importance of local visibility in a local search marketing strategy. Our team will help you identify the most productive localized keywords so that we can include them in on page elements of your website, including URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, and textual content.

Local citation building is the Trump card of local optimization. Our local citation development team will ensure that your business information - NAP is accurate and easy to find. Our team will make sure that your brand identifying information (NAP name, email address, phone number address, etc.) is shared on local and relevant websites, including the local chamber of commerce, local professional association sites, local websites, and industry standard citation websites.

Rush Ventures will work to develop content specifically tailored to your local geographic areas. By answering localized questions in the content and using location based terms in the content, we can ensure that your website ranks well for your target areas.

Control your brand image with local search engine listings. A key part of our local search marketing programs, Rush Ventures will create and optimize local search engine listings for your company, including Google Local Business and Bing Local. Our local team will ensure a clean profiles without duplication and verify that all listing information is 100 percent accurate and uniform

Better Local Search Marketing Means Better Conversion Rates

Improving your brand's local search marketing efforts will translate into higher conversion rates, more sales, and a better bottom line.

Contact us today to see how our local search marketing campaigns can provide the competitive edge it needs.

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