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Some of the Companies we've worked withWe help companies big and small succeed online

  • Hamilton ReMax Real Estate
  • Sam Goldstein Hamilton Criminal Lawyer
  • The City of Hamilton Ontario Canada
  • Ryerson University in Hamilton Ontario Canada
  • Guttmann Graphic Design Hamilton

Samples of our success

SEO testimonial for Hamilton SEO by the Gadget Guides

" The folks from Hamilton SEO made us feel like we were listened to. They committed to sales goals before starting and delivered in spades. They helped us succeed online and they can help you too!"

SEO testimonial for Hamilton SEO by Hamilton Lawyer Sam Goldstein

" After running marketing campaigns with no success, I decided to call the team at Hamilton SEO. The resulting increase in leads has had a strong impact on my businesses bottom line, I can't thank them enough."

SEO testimonial for Hamilton SEO by Hamilton Plastic Surgeon Dr ZACH WILSON

" After 2 bad experiences working with other companies I invited Hamilton SEO. Their approach was different. Their work has also had a solid impact on my bookings. If you're working with another company and looking for a second opinion, then give these guys a call!"

How we’re different

How other companies work How Hamilton SEO works

  • They are not Hamilton based and only claim to be.
    We are a Hamilton based SEO Marketing company. Our office is open 9 - 5 Monday to Friday and we're located right next to North York Centre.
  • They use 12 month contracts to tie down clients and make it hard for them to leave.
    We don't use contracts. Clients stay with us because we keep our promises.
  • They provide a couple of "well chosen" references.
    All of our clients are proud to back us up.
  • They are a no-name player in an industry filled with "fly-by-night" operators.
    We bring over 10 years of real digital marketing experience to the table.
  • They remind you that your company is just a number to them by dragging you through a bureaucratic process every time you contact them.
    When you call us, a staff member will answer the phone (no automated lines) and deal with your issue directly.
  • They hide behind massaged reports and unnecessary deliverables.
    100% Transparency on every facet of your campaign & results.
  • They want to build the biggest marketing company around. Keep in mind that SEO companies cannot scale to a large client base without loss of client performance.
    Hamilton SEO is proud to be a Boutique provider, providing better results for a smaller client base. For us its not a sale but a relationship and we honour that client relationship with the best possible results.

Can We increase your companies revenue? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to find out

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Where we feature our clients

  • Time Magazine
  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Social Media Examiner
  • The Huffington Post
  • Fast Company
  • Site Point
  • Business Insider
  • Business.com: Expert Business Advice, Tips, and Resources
  • Inc - Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs
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Are your methods proven?

Of course! A common misconception in the field of online marketing is that great results can be achieved in any number of ways, whether proven or not. That is simply not true. The wrong methods will lead to poor results, if any at all. At Hamilton SEO, we don’t want to waste your time or money. We use only our legitimate, proven methods. Our methods have helped hundreds of companies realize their potential through the right online marketing strategy. We’ve helped businesses worldwide grow quickly, even surpassing their expectations. Take a look at our success stories, or contact us to hear some of our more recent successes.

How are you different?

Our focus is on growing your business revenue. We want to do that in the most effective way possible to save both your time and money. And through the process, we want you to learn. There are no secrets in our company. We are always happy to share exactly what we are doing for your business, and how it will benefit you. By keeping in close communication with you, we are able to ensure your satisfaction. If you find that something we are doing isn’t profitable for you, we’ll stop, rethink, and redo. That’s our guarantee.

Any long-term contracts?

No, we do not require you to sign any long term contracts. Generally, contracts are used when only one party stands to profit from the prolonged business agreement, even if it hurts the other party financially. Hamilton SEO operates with a high level of moral integrity, and does not use contracts. We never force customers to stay with us because we believe that they will want to stay, based on the success they experience with us. While we are always sad to see a customer go, our exceptional service does not let that happen too often!

Where is your office?

Our office is located conveniently in Hamilton right next to North York Centre. You are more than welcome to call or visit us in person at any time. Our founder and president provides his personal phone number and email address to each of our clients, allowing them to see how dedicated we are to helping your business succeed. Our openness ensures customer satisfaction. Please feel free to talk to us at any time!

When will my website be on the first page of Google?

It’s hard to quote a standard length of time for this because every site and situation is different. When you contact us, we will be able to give you a realistic timeframe for your situation. Keep in mind, the earlier we begin the process, the faster your website will appear on the first page. Contact us immediately so we can begin the process, and you’ll be on your way to seeing your business on the first page of organic results!

Do you use methods that are "okay" with Google?

We would never to do anything to harm your website. Companies that use improper methods are not only detrimental to your business, but they do not achieve any of your desired goals. When we accept you as a customer, we commit to helping your business on a long term basis. Our proper methods do work effectively, and we work with you until you get the results you want. At Hamilton SEO , we believe in building lasting connections with our customers. A crucial part of that involves using proper, effective methods. Most importantly, we value our customers and would never do anything to harm the integrity of them or their businesses. We stake our reputation on it.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We stand by our work and guarantee everything we do. Because all of our work is done with professional craftsmanship by a team of dedicated marketers, we are absolutely sure that we will provide you with the quality that you need. For us, it’s about more than happy customers. We have a reputations to uphold, and satisfying customers is an integral part to that. You are never under any obligation to sign a long-term contract, and we will never refuse to fix or improve any portion of our work. You can sign up for our services with ease, knowing that we will provide work of exceptional quality. That’s what we’re known for.

Can I come to your office?

You are always welcome to drop by our office! Hamilton SEO is conveniently located in Hamilton. Simply give us a call and we’ll reserve a time to meet. Even if the visit isn’t business related, we appreciate and enjoy any opportunity to get to know our customers. If you can’t stop by, a member of our dedicated team is available by phone to help with anything you need.

Your free proposal will include

Market analysis

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry trends

Marketing recommendations

  • Performance evaluation
  • Conversion analysis
  • Campaign suggestions

Marketing strategy

  • Realistic goals
  • Sales projections
  • Tailored pricing