With various trends surfacing out drastically in today’s web design, then sure enough web designers are also making a race to hit the interest spot of most online people. Among the trends would include the personalized portfolio websites. This style unleashes a deeper connection within the web owner and his potential viewers. The personalized background brings out a desirable effect for most people.

This started when the trend of customizing things occurred in all sorts of aspect and items showcased in the market. The personalized portfolio style gives a better look with the people behind the background and also a reference to his personality.

Why It Brings Appeal To People

1. Reminds them that customizing is possible to all sorts of things. This ongoing trend inspires people actually. It drives them to make alterations with their web work based on their taste and their interest. Personalized portfolio is also a reminder that any thing or any stuff can be designed in a way you wanted it to be. So with this inspiration around online, then fresh and new ideas will form and prosper drastically.

2. Brings out more character in your page. Responsive web design is all about getting and grabbing the attention of people. The concept of personalized portfolio is applicable in this kind of web approach. Though it may look awkward having your profile in the background, still people gets to have a closer look with what you really are by seeing your image reference. It brings out a personalized touch to your site, and also at the same time you also get to show an intimate detail in your life with the online viewers.

3. Shows people what you really are. Now, if you happen to have a specialized profession you want to showcase to people in just one view or scroll of your website, the way to do that is to have your profile posted as the main image or background of your web page. Blogs will be less necessary if you inject this approach to your own page.

Some Add-ons

It’s true that people prefer minimal effects on web design, but a little alteration and add-on won’t harm actually. Some personalized sites also provide additional effects and visuals to spice up its look to people.

Catchy quotes. Aside from your profile embedded and posted there in your site, why don’t you add some inspirational quote on its side? Or you could provide a catchy definition of yourself. These details could provide appeal and desirable effect to other viewers. It’s true that your profile could speak alone for your personality, but words can pose a great contribution in bringing definition to your website.

Scroll Activated Animations. Now this feature will be helpful enough in emphasizing your web page. As their attention begins to get drawn with your profile background, icons and options will be the next details which they will scroll on. And these icons must be packaged beautifully to keep their interest rolling and going as they scan the contents of your website. If you don’t have preference with shades, you can use pastel colors. It’s a trend in web design as well.